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How to get a discount on cars in India

Purchasing a car is one of the big decisions we all encounter at some point in life. After investing in a house, investment in cars is the second big purchase in anyone’s life. Hence, it takes a long process to select the perfect match according to your requirements. So, it is better to be cautious and make a decision after thorough research. 


We Indians have very emotional relations with our vehicles, which is why we treat them as our family members and take extremely good care of them. The prize is the prime factor that an Indian looks out for when buying a car. But it is hard to grab discounts from the dealership while purchasing. There are some ways to How To Get a Discount on Cars in India and save a significant amount or can get some more freebies. While buying a car keep following in the mind:-


Explore and compare different Dealers

Do not stick to only one dealer. Enquiring different dealers will let you know about the multiple deals and offers they propose.  Once you get an idea of the different prices of the same brand you want it will be a lot easier to negotiate with the dealer and get a discount. While some dealerships can include huge discounts, others can choose only for free accessories as well. 


Month/Year-end sale

At the end of the month, dealership sales staff have pre-planned sales targets to meet. In order to meet these targets at times dealerships extend offers to attract buyers at the end of the month compared to the start of the month. 


Similarly, at the end of the year dealers propose huge offers to grab the attention of the buyers because everyone wants to buy the latest cars in the new year. Due to the budget presentation in March, the dealership offers good discounts at the end of March as well. 


You can get a good deal around these time periods because manufacturers and dealers also want to hit their selling goals and clear out their stockyard. 


Ask for a Dealer Discount

You can ask for this discount and there is a possibility that the dealer will give it away without even asking for it. Most dealers will give this discount from his/her pocket or from the manufacturer directly. You can negotiate with the dealer to maximize the percentage of discount as well. If you are selecting a less popular or an old model, there is a chance of getting a significantly high discount on cars. 


Ask for Loyalty Bonus 

This deal has the potential to get a relevant discount from your dealership. For instance, you have a Maruti Zen Estilo and now you are upgrading it to the New Swift, you are qualified to get a loyalty bonus for buying from the same manufacturer and the dealer. This is an action of manufacturers to maintain and retain their existing buyers for a long period of time. You can get a 3-5 percent discount on the car’s amount. You can also get a high discount value even if you are trading your old car for a new one from the same manufacturer. 


Discount on low selling colors

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There are some colors in cars which don’t sell very well as other colors. This can be a reason to get more discounts on cars. These cars are left at The Car Buying Group Forum and waiting to get out of the stockyard. This might be a long shot but can be effective to lower the price of the car. 

If the color does not matter in choosing any color, you can select such color and get a significant discount on the same as well. Nevertheless, you need to check the reason why that model does not have sufficient buyers. 


Outright cash is more appealing

Dealers like to get outright cash more than any other medium of payment. Payment in cash for the deal is preferable and more exciting for the dealers because when the deal is signed they can get the cash upfront and it is less time taking than other mediums. The dealer will try to not let you go and minimizing the chances of cancelling the deal will affect the discount range you can negotiate with. There is the possibility that the discount value can go up to 10 percent. 


Insurance discount 

Certain dealerships may propose Re. 1/- insurance plans, which could save you a significant amount of money when buying a car. Although such insurance schemes could be expensive in the long run because of the high premiums they have. You can ask for a discount on the premium insurance as well if the dealership has a connection with the insurance company. 


Corporate Discount

Corporate discounts are in existence to attract employees of huge firms to benefit the manufacturer. If you are an employee of a PSU company, a big and reputed MNC, highly reputed corporate company, you may ask your dealer about this discount offer. If you have doubts regarding the eligibility of corporate discounts on cars, you should go and ask your dealership about the eligibility criteria and query about it. Dealers got a variety of lists which includes corporate sectors from the manufacturer for which the discount offer is applicable. An ordinary corporate discount is in the 1-5% range and is free from the dealer’s hand because it is directly given by the manufacturers themselves. 


Do not leave before negotiating 

We Indians are experts in bargaining. So, do not leave before negotiating with the dealers. Try to collect all the information about every discount the dealership offers and then take an appropriate decision. If you get to know about any cash discount, insurance assistance, or even free accessories, compare the deals and balance them according to the need. 


Finding the desired car at a reasonable price is hard but these ways of getting discounts can be useful to get the maximum value discount possible. Hope this article will be useful for you to attain offers and discounts on your desired car. 

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