GroupWe is an online car sales platform, aimed to allow car buyers to do more from the comforts of their homes, including, research, booking test drives, and receiving quotes for their dream cars. We will assist car buyers by using a consultative approach, and working with authorised dealerships to arrange test drives, secure the best price, delivery, as well as, necessary formalities.

Currently, car pricing remains extremely opaque and requires individually contacting multiple dealerships to negotiate a price. Additionally, as soon as salespeople get your contact information they constantly keep calling and pushing you to “explore” models, “book test drives” and “buy a car” from them. We remove all the hassle by never disclosing your contact information to dealerships and doing the initial process on your behalf until the point you are ready to buy your dream car.

Users can avail test drives across multiple brands and models at a time and place of their choosing, and can also book cars from authorised dealerships. Additionally, while negotiating and securing quotes from dealerships, users can participate in our proprietary Grouping method, which allows them to secure institutional prices from dealerships.

It is absolutely free to use! We do not charge car buyers any money. Our only goal is to help you find your dream car from the comforts of your home.

The process is very simple, you just need to create an account and tell us your preferences. From there on we will assist you from arranging test drives to negotiating prices from multiple car dealers to secure you the best price possible. All this from the comforts of your home, keeping the process as hassle free for you as possible.

You can explore all car brands and models on our platform. We are an independent platform which aims to make the car purchase process more transparent, seamless, and convenient. While you may see some brands missing, please be assured that we will be adding them on a rolling basis.

At this stage, we are only serving the Delhi/NCR region. But we will grow quickly to cover other regions as well.

No, we appreciate that the car buying process can be extremely time-consuming, and overwhelming. We will not share your details with any of the car dealerships, unless you choose to provide them yourselves.

We understand that a car is a big purchase, and having the opportunity to experience it before buying is important. We will work with authorised dealerships to arrange test drives and delivery for the car based upon your preferences.

You will receive an email on the address you used to create an account with us. You can use the link to login to the website and get an update for your requests including both test drives and car bookings on your personalised dashboard. We aim to provide initial quotes to you within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Grouping leverages the concept of economies of scale to get a better price from car dealerships for your dream car. Through a 2-week cycle, we will “group” your orders with that of other car buyers of the same brand and location, and share the “grouped” orders with dealerships to provide the best available deal. 

To sign up for this, you just need to select “yes” for grouping when you are putting in a request for buying a car through the platform. To better understand the process you can watch a short explainer video on the process here!

Yes, you can. Just select “no” for grouping when you are putting in a request for buying a car through the platform. In this case, we will share your request with the dealerships instantly.

This is especially useful for car buyers who have a more urgent need for a car, and may not be willing to wait for 2 weeks for a quotation from dealerships.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to drop us an email at